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Viscolattice ® Memory is an exclusive product, conceived and produced by Donato Martinelli - always at the forefront of innovation. It is a visco-elastic foam with a slow return rate, used as padding for maximum comfort and greatly improve the quality of sleep. The entire production process takes place in our country, in order to provide our customers with a product of high quality that only the brand 100 % Made in Italy can provide.

In addition, Viscolattice ® Memory is:

  • Hypoallergenic and hygienic (can not be attacked by mites);
  • Non-toxic (it is certified to Oeko Tex ® Standard 100);
  • Ergonomic (its unique ability to maintain its shape ensures maximum comfort and flexibility);
  • Recyclable (is has the highest level of eco-compatibility);
  • Breathable (thanks to thermo-regulation, it is always cool to the touch).

Due to the special structure made up of millions of micro-cells - and the materials used, Viscolattice ® Memory is self-shaping and heat-sensitive. In addition to adaptingg its shape perfectly to the natural contours of the body, the viscoelastic foam softens when heated and hardens at low temperatures.

The undisputed quality of Viscolattice ® Memory is also well known for use in the field of health care, in that:

  • it avoid stress at the most critical and heaviest points of the body, relieving pressure and promoting the circulation of the blood;
  • Remembers the shape of your body, making it the ideal choice for the prevention and treatment of pressure sores;
  • Greatly reduces the movements that the body performs unconsciously during sleep as it searches for the correct position, with a consequent reduction of stress;
  • Promotes relaxation to significantly attenuate annoying neck pain.