fiducia nel tessile
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During the preparation of the sales campaign, we assist the customer in choosing the most suitable  product for the sales line and supply all the graphic material to ensure an excellent result.
Our quality manager is always available to create specifications and checks for individual products, starting from the raw material up to shipping.
He is a professional person specialized in the Control-Quality sector and has many years of experience in this field.
The manager performs daily checks and interacts with the most accredited Italian and European laboratories to guarantee competence, seriousness and punctuality to the customers.

n the Textile sector and more specifically in Home Textiles, the strong global competition forces us to a process of innovation and development with regard to both products and production lines.
Products always have a shorter life as a result companies are increasingly driven to technological evolution, by the need to improve products and reduce costs.
For our company philosophy, research, innovation and the development of our products are essential.

In recent years, logistics occupies a position of primary importance in the relationship with the customer, particularly in our sector in which the handling volumes are really high and have a considerable impact on the final price of the product.
Precisely for these reasons we decided to invest in a new logistics nearby to the production available to our customers to ensure them in full service and make our products even more competitive.

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