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The search for new techniques and more valuable fibres, together with the use of technologically advanced equipment, led Donato Martinelli to the creation of Microlen®.
Composed of thin filaments of polyester silicone, Microlen® gives a unique feel to the touch, thanks to a special finishing process applied to the lightweight fibre. Suffice it to say that ten miles of siliconized polyester weighing just 1 gram, has a coefficient of denier (the unit of measurement used to calculate the linear density of the fibres) equal to 0.9. Not surprisingly, one of the strengths of Microlen is that it is lightweight compared to other materials of the same diameter. In fact, the silicon polyester fibre weighs only half as much as silk and only a third as much as wool.

Microlen® also promotes breathability - retaining heat and releasing moisture - and is completely hypoallergenic, avoiding invasions of pesky mites in the fibre padding. The use of high quality materials combined with the excellence assured by being Made in Italy make Microlen® a product of the highest quality, with very similar results to the sought-after goose down. In contrast to feathers, which form around a central stem from which the different strands branch off - in goose down the fibres grow directly from the core, without the presence of the stem. For this reason, the down is much smaller and softer than feathers, providing a great deal of heat in spite of a low weight.

It made its entrance into the fashion world from the mid-eighties - driven by the fashion of the “Paninari” youth scene - goose down has not only come out of the cupboards and shelves of many people, but it is also extended its presence to the world of home linens, particularly bedroom linens, thanks to its ability to retain heat during sleep.

Since it was launched on the market Microlen®, has been immediately appreciated by the public, thanks to its special softness and lightness, it provides a real alternative to goose down.

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