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softylen  Softylen®

Many years of experience in the field of textile fibres, combined with investment in research, have placed Donato Martinelli at the forefront of the creation of innovative products.
Softylen® is the result of the processing of virgin polyester fibre, spiral wound and treated with a special process to give volume to the original and form it into spheres (fibre balls), giving it a particularly soft, goose-down effect.

Lightness, elasticity and softness are the distinctive features of Softylen® which, thanks to a high fill power, allows for a wide-ranging use of the padding, being adaptable to many forms.

The quality of Softylen® is also demonstrated by the fact that the product is breathable, durable and hypoallergenic.

From the point of view of comfort, breathability is an important factor, since it allows moisture to be quickly removed from the human body and reduces the condensation of sweat, thereby enhancing biological transpiration.

The reduction of condensation alone increases the average life of the product, in that the possible flow of water onto the surface of the material would subject it to extreme variations in temperature which can deteriorate and damage the material.

The temperature and the moisture produced by perspiration also represent the ideal conditions for the development of mites, which constitute the majority of household dust. Infiltrating beds in particular, (where they feed on the dead skin that comes off the human body), these animals are responsible for the development of some respiratory allergies such as allergic rhinitis and bronchial asthma.

A product with adequate breathability combined with appropriate personal hygiene, is the best deterrent against an invasion of mites, in particular in the bed area.

Pamper yourself with Softylen®, a 100% Italian product available both as ready-made and wrapped padding and loose.

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