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Very Important PillowVery Important Pillow ®

In business for three successive generations, the Donato Martinelli company has always focused its horizons on new goals, aiming for continuous improvement and innovations. This ethos still characterizes it today. Founded as a wholesale warehouse for the marketing of linen, the company immediately evolved into a laboratory of weaving, spinning and finishing of blankets and bedspreads, then in the 1990's, it expanded its production to include: wadding, needle felts, fibre balls, pillows and cushions, with an eye to the market for bed linens.
For many beings in the animal kingdom - man in particular, sleep is an indispensable biological need, critical for the rest of the body and for a full physiological recovery. In fact, while you are sleeping, the body experiences a remarkable lowering of metabolic demands, summarized as follows:

  • Reduction in blood pressure;
  • Decrease in heart rate and body temperature;
  • Decreased production of urine and respiratory activity;
  • Contraction and relaxation of muscles.

Donato Martinelli, convinced that sleep was an essential component in each of our lives, decided to create a special production area dedicated to those who love "sweet dreams." VIP®, which stands for Very Important Pillow, is a registered trademark of our company which identifies each product in our bedding collection. VIP® not only certifies that the entire production process is carried out in Italy, but is also able to offer its customers:

  • Ongoing investment in research and innovation;
  • Absolute quality in the choice of raw materials;
  • Technologically advanced production lines and strict controls;
  • Flexibility and customization of each individual article.

The pride of VIP® is the careful choice of the fibres which are used to make the fabrics which provide its customers with a stunning combination, able to cancel any noise during sleep and to ensure a healthy and sweet rest, as though in the arms of Morpheus, son of Hypnos and Night.

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